“Have you ever tried to make photos or videos and post them on youtube, your social profiles and interactive maps while you’re in the throes of seasickness, a freezing blizzard peels your fingers and the only satellite connection on board of your ice-breaker comes and goes depending on the electromagnetic disturbance that only gets worse as you approach the South Pole?
Yes, it is precisely where the world ends that I, and all other Antarcticans, love to go.
My first encounter with the frozen continent happened when I joined the Italian oceanographic exploration team in Antarctica in 2016. My goal was documenting at all costs (including polar insomnia) how a handful of men and women dared to sail through the ice labyrinths of the Antarctic sea to discover the mysteries on which depend the fate of the Earth.
I plan to join new expeditions to bring adventure, science and the challenges of environmental care from the most remote place on the planet in your daily life”

Stefano Valentino, Reporter and Route to South Founder